Shoe Victim

Some people will  look at what you have on your feet before your face, not for any particular reason; other than that it’s a quick personality check.
We ladies, probably own a full wardrobe of shoes and only wear half. Now, that’s a waste of precious space and money – I sound like my mother!
“ What is a shoe victim ? ”

Vision this, a dog and a bone. A kid and an ice cream. Except in this case the bone is the shoe. The hunger, excitement, need and torture is frighteningly similar.
Boots, heels, flats and trainers. The four types of footwear you need to own.  Having just two of each footwear types will simply save you from, losing energy and panicking in loss of time, time you could have had touching up your makeup or taking those pre-outing selfies.
So ladies, if your having a clear out, in need of new shoes or are a shoe addict follow these simple guides.
 For example, TRAINERS; You will need a pair of fashionable trainers and pair of running/raggy trainers. If you have some cash to splash, the Moschino pair, pictured below are yummy. Whilst  your splurging on designer gear, have a peek at Maxmara, Acne and DKNY, colours and prints everywhere!  Fred Perry, Converse Dainty and Lacoste for soft coloured, chic trainers. If you like colour, Nike and Adidas would be the perfect route. Now, running shoes aren’t my speciality but I’m guessing something to support your feet? Can you guess I’m not the active type?
To round up what I am trying to say is  having two of each style in your wardrobe, will make your life a bunch easier!
HEELS – Head turning heels and comfortable heels.
FLATS – Supermarket-worthy  flats and work flats.
BOOTS – Short pair and long pair. simple. Fini. Acabado. Khalas. Basically, case closed.
Before I end my post I would like to spread an interesting shoe fact to Westerners.
One word: Footbed/sliders sandals. I am very sceptical about these sandals that have gone viral this spring. Yes, some have pretty prints but that doesn’t take away the fact that if I am seen wearing these in my home country I will be the talk of town. Footbed’s are worn by men and Sliders by woman, though, we don’t often associate them with fashion. Footbed Sandals have been around in both Iraq and Iran for centuries (as well as other Middle Eastern countries) however, they aren’t worn for fashion rather for comfort and for easy slip-on’s to a trip to the local shop. Some have quite a humorous use for them , a use not so fashionable: loo shoes. ​Can you understand my love/hate relationship for them now?



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