Zara Spring/ Summer Collection 2014

I let out a high-pitched, “eeek” as I walked into a Zara store and was surrounded by floral print, bright yellow’s, summer cream’s and pastels. Zara never fails to disappoint, no matter what the season. This seasons Spring/Summer Collection really did excite me,  I was mentally putting outfits together when I realised this needs to be blogged about!
It was all about comfort for me, the collection is spacious and I can imagine the breeze,  just flowing through the pastel coloured tops.
 Zips and large pockets created an edge to the simple items. Oversized bottoms and printed tops were the central pieces of the collection. Pretty, soft pink dresses added a touch of femininity. Accessories, included leather handbags and bright red, tassled flats, and a not so favourite metallic high heel strappy sandals ( It even sounds tacky! ) and for the my hijab ladies, scarves with the softest material coming in many colours!
Bell Sleeved and baby doll dresses, now imagine the effortless looks you can create with them. The collections, trouser section is Genius; Wide flowing trousers, printed loose shorts, pleated bell bottom trousers and cut work lace trousers. Wear them to the park or to work, who cares their made for all types of occasions!
Take full advantage of spring because when summer eventually arrives ( In terms of Glasgow weather, spring arrives in summer, summer arrives in autumn and winter arrives just in time for spring, Glasgow is special you see! )  there is no room for Zara’s loose jackets and tailored suits. We finish off with the collections colour block shirts, lace tops and printed blouses. With these items , you upper half will look like a piece of art!
Go ahead and check it out, you wont be disappointed!

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