H&M Spring/Summer Collection 2014

The bohemian style was introduced by people who lived a non-traditional lifestyle in the early 19th century, the ironic thing is, bohemian’s really couldn’t care less about fashion yet their artistic and free way of life intertwined with their wardrobe thus creating the bohemian style.
H&M’s Spring/Summer 2014 collection is mostly based on the boho-chic style and I must say I am quite intrigued by it. As well as the modern twist on the bohemian style, the materials used by H&M was what fascinated me. Lots of cotton – we’re talking about 70% – 100% cotton, I mean that’s a lot of cotton! – silk. and suede. They aren’t your usual summer materials but all can be forgiven because the materials are what made the collection interesting.
The full-legged zip trousers in animal print and plain colours. The starry printed blouse that reminds you of the night yet you can were in the day. The 100% cotton denim jacket and embroidery back ( The gold embellishment takes you back in Egyptian times but it goes well with the denim and that’s all that matters! ) Paired with a pair of leather boots and a messy do’ you would be looking like bad-ass, free-soul, biting anyone’s head off, looking your way.
Lots of tassel’s were included in this collection, which I must say I LOVED! My favourite piece has to be the denim tassel’d tunic. It’s totally hijab friendly and although it would look like you ripped off your grandma’s living room curtain and wore it, it’s wearable and can be styled in many different ways, which always comes in handy.
Now, I know what I’m about to say may seem like I am  giving you a history lesson and travelling through era’s but the ruffles and frills on the see-through blouses and shorts make it quite hard not to think of the Victorian times.
The accessories of this collection were pretty basic, such as, studded leather belts and silver rings. The theme of tassel’s was continued on their pouch bad which was also embellished with Egyptian-like embroidery. This bag is definitely on my shopping list!
To conclude, I guess I can say this collection is a mix of bohemian/Egyptian/Victorian with a modern twist.

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