Conquer the midi – The modest way

The midi dress has been around for centuries, only back then it was worn by classy ladies in classic events.  However, in this day of time, due to the growing artistic designs, the midi dress can now be worn elegantly or casually.
Now, the midi dress is a statement piece on its own therefore, you should be concerned on how you style it. I, myself, as a hijabi, am not so keen on the midi – that’s not to say I don’t own a few myself – Let’s just say if I was to write a book on modest clothing the midi would not be included. It is worn by many to enhance their curves and basically to look sexy and as a hijabi that’s not what I aim for when dressing.  The midi dress mood does fall on me from time to time and these are the rules I abide on when that time comes.
  1. When purchasing my midi I always choose a size up to my usual size. This would cause the midi to not magnify in all my lady parts and thus making my midi experience a comfortable one, not needing to worry to what’s on show and enjoying my day.
  2. There’s a styling error that seems to be spreading amongst my hijabi ladies: the black leggings with extra material wrinkling around the ankles.  These leggings are unflattering to the dress, so note down ladies, if your going to wear leggings, a) either wear them without them wrinkled around your ankles or b) choose my option, ditch the leggings and wear tights. Some may think tights are a No-No for a hijabi yet its just the same as wearing leggings. When purchasing tights make sure they are extra thick to avoid seeing through your tights.
  3. Cover the buttocks ladies! Revealing your ass – excuse the language – to the public does not compliment your hijab. It’s much more eye-catching to see a lady styling the midi to favour her religion.
  4. A leather jacket is not the only piece of clothing that can be worn over the midi..jumpers, cardigans, shawls, etc etc. Experiment! Find your own style.
Remember everyone has a different physique to you, therefore what looks good on them may not look good on you. So take a little extra time and experiment with clothing and see what best flatters your body shape.

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