The Ladies in Red – Golden Globes 2014

Actors and actresses spend their time and energy on making films for 3 things: Firstly, for the six digit number in their bank accounts. Secondly, its their ambitious, so its no surprise to see someone work hard doing something they love and thirdly for the nominations that make them more cash and even more famous. Yes, the Golden Globes 2014 was on Sunday and although half the media was debating on which movie would grab the most awards, the other half was waiting in suspense to see who was wearing what!    
Without a doubt they all looked glamorous, yet you couldn’t help but take a second look at the ladies in red.
The first of the ladies rocking red, was Amy Adams who also took home the award for Best actress for American Hustle in a musical or Comedy. Adams wore a two-toned, red Valentino gown teamed with a braided up-do that allowed her to show of the backless gown. Ames – Lets just give her our own nickname, shall we – revealed a little more cleavage than anyone else attending, yet I couldn’t imagine the full skirt gown any different. My version of why the Valentino gown looked perfect on Adams is because of her petite figure filling in the dress perfectly everywhere. Also not to mention her spicy red hair and pale complexion added to the dress to make it that little bit more sexy.
When Lupita Nyong’o stepped onto the red carpet wearing a red, Ralph Lauren, cape gown, one person came to mind: Gwyneth Paltrow at the 2012 Oscars. In my opinion Paltrow brought the  off the shoulder, Tom Ford cape dress to life.  Although the colour and top half of the dress were completely different they both sat elegantly on the ladies. Take the cape detail off the gown and it becomes the ordinary dress most wear at award shows. However, with the cape detail, it adds a little bit of chicness and somewhat of a graceful look to your presence.  Look out for Lupita Nyong’o this year, I have a feeling she’ll be rocking more red carpet looks.
Lastly, but by far not least, was my favourite look of the event. Emma Watson strutted down the red carpet wearing half a gown by Christian Dior. By half a gown I mean the front looked like a simple gown with a belt just above her stomach until she turned around and revealed the backless gown supported with slim, black leggings and a belt holding the gown together. It fit her personality and style just perfectly. It was risky, it was a twist and put a spin on the classic red carpet dress yet she pulled it off fabulously. There’s a lesson to learn here ladies: once in a while try taking a risk!
Yes!! The ladies in red did catch our attention, yet we mustn’t forget, Taylor Swift, Sofia Vergara, and Julianna Margulies who looked incredible. Amongst them was Sandra Bullock, who was working the colour blocking frock. It was a disaster for some however, here on WardrobeGarden we think only Bullock could pull it off! Can you believe she’s 49?! 
Who’s ready for the BAFTAS and Oscars next?

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