Style, is a choice I have to make everyday and I want you to be a part of my journey.

I think it’s safe to call me your average Glasgow lass (girl) you know the type that enjoys catching-up with a friend over  a cup of Starbucks – hazelnut hot chocolate with whipped cream to be precise –  the type that convinces herself this would be the last time she would waste precious study time over reading British Vogue’s blogs section, while drooling on the keyboard admiring every detail in each picture.
  Yeah I guess that would describe me, just with a little precious secret: I spend my days and nights dreaming about styling.
As your walking through your shopping centre or your town centre or anywhere that people walk past you for that fact, what’s running through your mind? what to have for dinner? How many days till payday?   That’s usually the questionable questions that people ask themselves.
  What I think about when someone walks past me?
“ your leather cross body bag goes well with your textured fabric cocoon coat”
“…wait…what is that, are you wearing tanned brogues with that coat??”
“girlll…please swap them with some ankle boots”
Now I know what your thinking … “ That’s a little mean “
However if you step into my mind just for a second, you’ll see that I DON’T rearrange people’s outfits in my mind because I don’t like what they’re wearing, I rearrange what they’re wearing because of my undying love for styling clothes.
I decided to turn my little dream into reality, that’s when WardrobeGarden was created. My aim is to make you comfortable with what your wearing yet looking stylish. I wanted to change the way people style, by that I mean introducing you to new styles to match your identity. Its essential to have the right clothes hanging in your wardrobe yet crucial to wear those clothes correctly because your style reflects your character.
To me its not about what your wearing, it’s how you style those clothes that counts… wear a midi dress, but don’t wear a midi dress with leggings ! There are many types of styles – Feminine, Chic, Couture, Sporty, Glam, Gothic, Earthy, Urban, Vintage and many more – and whatever your style is, Wardrobe Garden will be able to assist you with all your wardrobe and style dilemmas because WardrobeGarden isn’t focused on one style.
I hope I do spread a little styling inspiration to all you lovely chicka’s no-matter what style you are. Remember styling is not based upon the current trend, its how you style those trends ( no-matter how old ) and make them current. Don’t forget… everything has beauty!



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